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Rico and Anna Lena epitomize the essence of a power couple. Their journey started in 2007 when they crossed paths and immediately recognized the potential for a fruitful partnership. Together, they founded the most prominent drum school in their homecountry switzerland. If that wouldn’t have been enough. 2016 they stepped outside their comfort zone and went to live abroad and created the „Creative Lounge“ Music Studio in Mallorca. Their collaborative efforts extended beyond the classroom, as they took to the stage as Anna Lux. Additionally, they ventured into the realm of dark rock, birthing the project Division:Dark. They even laid the groundwork for the German Unheilig cover band, Scheinheilig, and achieved recognition through their notable chart-topping successes. Furthermore, their track record includes writing for artists such as Antonia aus Tirol, Seraina Telli and Stoneman. Establishing their home base in Mallorca, the couple set up their very own music studio, a sanctuary where they poured their creative energies into projects for fellow artists and even television commercials, including prominent spots on MTV USA. Rico and Anna Lena proudly embody the spirit of relentless pursuit, leveraging their vast expertise and artistic powers to shape the world of music both as performers and creators. Since 2023 they are a proud part of the SMV Schacht Verlage Family. 

Rico’s trajectory initially led him out of his first homestudio, that he had with only 14 years to Drummers Focus in Munich, where he honed his skills before pursuing further education at ACM Zurich, SAE, and the Zurich University of Arts. He sure still knows how to manipulate an analog Neve Knospe and 2“ Tape and knows this business like his pockets.
He is also active as a book author (Drum Seminars), drum teacher, co-producer for endorser products and clinic drummer.
Rico H has appeared on over 70 recordings as a drummer/producer and holds drum workshops in various countries and toured the world (over 90 countries) with his bands as live drummer. 

Anna Lena dove headfirst into her musical pursuits, expanding her classical training in piano and vocals. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and creative exploration, she delved into the realms of music theory, composition, and writing. Her journey culminated with studies at the renowned Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.



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